what's behind TOCA
With insight into the rapid advancement in technology today, we have begun to ask ourselves "HOW is it developing so quickly" and "what are it’s affects on our personal health and lifestyle". Considering that the smart phone is our most used device, this is where we’ve begun to dig deeper and have solved a much needed and overlooked problem.
After 30 years in existence, it is now becoming more evident that smartphones have a negative impact on our daily lives. Some of it’s most destructive influences are: harmful radiation emissions, addictive behaviors affecting personal life, sleep apnea, car accidents, and an open vulnerability to unwarranted surveillance.

TOCA was initially developed to create a physical solution to block radio frequencies from phones and other radio devices, thus enabling a healthier interaction with the digital world. It has since proven to be useful in many of the other aforementioned ways. We’ve created TOCA for individual use, but also designed custom solutions for commercial businesses in order to discourage phone use during meetings and during vital times of the work day. All of this of course, while reducing those harmful radiation emissions enabling a healthier work life.


Andre Hostalácio: Co-Founder / Creative Director

has a degree in Art and Technology from Universitat der Kunste Berlin, André began developing numerous projects around the globe related to sound forensics, electromagnetic fields and cellphones. Ten years ago, his first endeavors in Germany began at T-Labs (the creative department of T-Mobile). At the same time his artwork, under the pseudonym Andre Wakko, emerged in festivals, workshops and symposiums such as TunedCity, Transmediale, CTM and several others. After his essay about ancient technology and awareness (based on a field research in Brazil, Indonesia and India), the ultimate idea for TOCA was born. It lives on as an artistic redemption to the practical world, materializing solutions towards a healthier use of technology.

At TOCA Andre takes care of the creative strategies, design and media from conception to completion. Identifies and resolves production problems; and directs the product development sector.

“A Smartphone is a powerful tool, and it works like a ball of energy, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to carry this ball all the time in your pocket.”
Denis Altschul: Co-Founder / Managing Director

Denis comes from a background with many different multidisciplinary skills.
Through his extensive entrepreneurial knowledge in team building, concept development, project management, music production and a degree in Media & Communications Science, he is able to find unique and innovative strategies for the execution of creative ideas. Under his management, the Berlin based project space AGORA collective tripled it’s growth and was considered Germany’s best Coworking space in 2015. Before starting TOCA he founded a design & communications company called NAME that is still in operation today. Denis is also active in the Berlin cultural scene, developing formats of musical and artistic events with his collective Maracujá. Besides of taking care of TOCA´s general management, Denis leads the internal and external communication. He connects dots and people for the development of new ideas, products and relations. 

“Now that people know that I use TOCA they don´t expect me anymore to be available 24/7”


TOCA only exists because we are lucky to be surrounded by these good people:

Donny Masril
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Donny holds a degree in software engineering and also his Masters in Business Administration. He has several years of fundamental corporate experiences as a team manager and was responsible for strategic orientation and implementation of new technologies (IoT, Cloud, Automation, etc) in the automotive and industrial automation industries. Having extensive interdisciplinary experiences as well as multinational contacts he has cofounded several small successful ventures, in the roles of: advisor, early investor and venture development.

At TOCA, Donny gives weekly advice to the team, as well as strategic ideas.

Many many thanks to all:

Adriano Vaz
Ana Münz
Anja Henckel
Anrike Visser
Asli Htpglu
Bop Mulder & Eveline Bakker
Britta Engelhardt
Caique Tizzi
Crhystaline Lukman
Daniel Düeck
Daniel Mascarenhas
Danilo Timm
Drajad Sudrajat
Florian Groehn
Frederico Cruz
Friederike Hentschel
Gabriela Guasti Rocha
Jesse Elan
Joanna Fatorelli
Johann Angermann
Jorge Vega Matos
Kristina Gros
Kyotetsu Horikawa
Lesa Moné
Linda Vermaat
Luter Filho
Maria Cristina Díaz Velázquez
Monika Bielskyte
Pepe Dayaw
Renata Helm
Rina Matsui
Rita Couto
Sandra Bühler
Simone Schoutens
Swantje Räuber
Taufik Hidayat
Vicki Marx
Yager Anderson
Zac Baillie
Zack Soltes