NSS #2

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Smartphone sleeve Anti-radiation,  anti-surveillance, anti-distraction faraday cage for smartphones.


Orders from Germany 1-3 working days

Orders from Europe 5-7 working days

For orders from outside the European continent, the delivery takes up to 14 working days.


    • Once the phone is inside the sleeve, it blocks GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth NFC, and any phone radiation. The alarm clock still works!
    • When taking the phone out of the sleeve, the device will receive all the messages and missed calls notifications.
    • It is compact, practical and fairly produced in our in-house factory.
    • Easy: Phone is put inside the sleeve and closed like a dry bag with a three-time folding system. It is now automatically inside a Faraday cage, which is the inner layer, a German-made mesh of conductive material. The three-time folding system and the outer layer material make it also water-resistant.
    • When not in use the sleeve can be reduced to the size of a key chain. It can be easily carried around and just applied when needed.
    •  It is made with upcycled parachute material from the hammock manufacturer "Ticket to the Moon."
    • Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm (Open). 8cm x 3,5cm (closed).
    • 30 days money back guarantee.